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Beyond great deals, Aldi’s healthy food offerings are continually expanding. It’s an excellent place to find quality produce, organics and specialty foods at affordable prices.


Aldi Store grand opening

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I actually get excited to go to Aldi; my kids do, too, but for a different reason. I love all the healthy choices at low prices, and my kids love putting a quarter into the grocery cart chain gang, freeing one up to cruise the aisles inside the store.

Once known as the pantry stock-up store, Aldi has evolved over the last decade to offer an ever-growing selection that rivals Whole Foods. From organics and gluten-free items to trendy health foods like chia seeds and dairy-free milk alternatives, Aldi has come a long way. I am a mom and a registered dietitian, and these are just some of the foods you’ll always find in my cart. Prices will vary, but the ones here will give you a good idea of the kind of savings you can expect.


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Greek Yogurt

My kids have never been big meat eaters, but they do like Greek yogurt. It’s a good source of calcium and the protein they might be short on since they don’t like meat. Some generic versions are thin and super tangy, but Aldi’s Friendly Farms Greek Yogurt is thick and has rich flavor. You can save 30-70 cents on each small carton compared to name brand versions. Here are our favorite reasons to buy Aldi brands.

Got a tub? Try it in this recipe for Grapes with Lemon-Honey Yogurt.

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