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What’s Good About Bryan Johnson’s Diet?

The protocol is very clearly outlined on the Blueprint website, so if you want to follow along you can. Here are some of the perks of eating like Johnson.

Relatively balanced

Based on the nutrient analysis shared on the blueprint protocol website, the overall macronutrient distribution is 33 percent carbs, 19 percent protein, and 4 percent fat. “While this does not meet the definition of “balanced” per the USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans (40 to 65 percent carbs, 10 to 25 percent protein, 20 to 35 percent fat), it comes pretty close,” says Fernando. “This diet emphasizes more healthy fats over carbs but doesn’t overdo the fats (like a keto diet which is typically 65 to 90 percent fat) or overly restrict carbs (low carb is less than 26 percent).”

Nutrient- and flavor-dense

Fernando likes that all of Johnson’s recipes avoid salt, added sugar, and refined grains. “The meals emphasize a variety of whole foods like different veggies, legumes, and nuts,” says Fernando. She’s also a fan of the use of aromatics, spices, herbs, and citrus which capitalize on flavor. “These taste enhancers are packed with antioxidants and beneficial plant compounds,” she adds.

Vegan by choice, not necessity

Johnson grants the option to add meat to any of his recipes. “I would encourage the addition of lean protein (chicken, ground turkey, egg), fatty fish (salmon, tuna), and shellfish,” she says. “As for red meat, focus on high quality meat that is grass fed, and leaner cuts like venison.” The addition of animal protein will allow you to eliminate the pea protein powder, EPA, and B12 from your supplement stack, per Fernando.

Not extreme with calories

Johnson has gone through several waves of calorie restriction. At one point he was down to 1,977 calories a day. His current intake sits at a more comfortable 2,250 calories. “I appreciate that Bryan’s aiming for a 10 percent calorie restriction, which isn’t overly restrictive,” says Fernando. However, it’s important to note the recipes are designed with Johnson’s caloric needs (and goals) in mind, your calorie needs should be based on your height, weight, age, and physical activity levels.


Keeping the first few meals of the day makes grocery shopping and meal prepping simple. “Planning to eat the same first and/or second meal can help you get into a routine, save time, and make your day more predictable so you’re less likely to end up in a fast food drive thru,” says Fernando. She likes that the repeated meals in the plan (“Super Veggie” and “Nutty Pudding”) are nutritionally balanced, which is important when you’re relying on a meal to deliver nutrition day after day.

Fernando also recommends leaning into the variety component of the third meal. “If you eat the same thing at the first few meals of the day, it’s important that your other meals consist of different veggies and proteins to add variety,” she adds. Several studies have shown that more variety in your diet can help with weight loss and improve overall health (1, 2, 3).

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