Toss it out: Impact of junk food on health – Daily Good Morning Kashmir

by Shabnum Showkat The eating habits of the Indian population have undergone a significant transformation in recent decades. The proliferation of food products high in calories but deficient in essential micronutrients like vitamins, minerals, fiber, and amino acids has become a prominent dietary concern. Such food products are commonly referred to as “junk food.” The […]

‘I ditched sugar and processed food for six months – now I can’t live without three foods’ – The Mirror

A man who ditched sugar and ultra-processed foods for months has told how he went from feeling “sluggish and unhealthy” at the beginning of the year to reaping massive health benefits. Steffan Rhys, a self-confessed “tired 44-year-old with a dad bod”, decided to start 2024 afresh after eating and drinking too much over the Christmas […]

Is the bone broth diet worth the hype? | Food | flcourier.com – Florida Courier

The weight-loss plan combines intermittent fasting, bone broth consumption and an anti-inflammatory paleo diet. MADELEINESTEINBACH/DREAMSTIME/TNS Bone broth has been making waves in the wellness world, with influencers touting its benefits for gut health and weight loss. But what exactly is involved with this trendy diet, and does it live up to the hype? A quick […]

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