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Citrus fruits are very healthy and a must have especially in winter season but, you should know the correct time to have them!

Winter is the season for delicious, juicy and fresh, vitamin C-rich citrus fruits. It is crucial that you include them in your diet for good skin, healthy hair, strong immunity, fibre and other benefits that come along with them. Few of the most popular must have citrus fruits are: Oranges, lemon, tangerines, grapefruits. They are widely known for its unique taste and multiple benefits. Citrus fruits contain an acid called citric acid. Almost all of them are slightly acidic in nature which in why you must know the best time to consume them. The worst time to have them is right after your lunch or dinner. This can lead to many side effects and harm your health.

Side Effects Of Citrus Fruits If Consume After A Meal

If you want to get all the good benefits of citrus fruits and leave out the side effects, you must read this:

Impact On Digestion

The acid content in citrus fruits can affect your digestive health. If you have them on a completely full stomach without giving a break in between, it can cause disruptions in digestion and have the opposite impact. It may lead to indigestion, acidity, heartburn especially in people who are prone to it.

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Impact On Nutrient Absorption

If eaten right after a big meal, citrus fruits can hinder your body from absorbing nutrients from food. This also has an impact on the bioavailability of important vitamins and minerals. Citrus fruits contain certain compounds such as tannins, polyphenols and oxalates which disrupts nutrient absorption. They are healthy antioxidants but they can only benefit you if consumed at the right time.

Impact On Blood Sugar Levels

Citrus fruits, if eaten right after a meal can create an imbalance in people who have a problem regulating their blood sugar levels. It can cause sudden spikes and subsequent drops in blood sugar. This can really hamper the health of diabetic patients.

Weight Gain

Consuming excess citrus foods is not a good idea because they contain calories. If eaten in excess and after a meal, it can lead to weight gain.

Gastrointestinal discomfort

Eating citrus fruits right after a meal can cause gastrointestinal discomfort for some people who have digestion issues. You may experience symptoms like gas, bloating and stomach ache. If you have a sensitive stomach makes ure to eat citrus fruits only when you stomach is half empty.

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