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Growing the Deliciously Ella brand

Things soon took off, at a time when the plant-based and vegan sphere was exploding into the mainstream and onto our supermarket shelves. But for Ella, it was never about the convenience of vegan cheese, chicken or burgers – it was always about health.

“My message is more plants for more people more of the time,” she smiles.

“We’ve seen really interesting movements, from the heyday of your meat mimics and now the growth really is in plant-based – it’s natural and it’s swapping a steak for the health benefits of chickpeas and tofu.

“For me, the thing that’s so exciting about a plant-based diet is that it’s so beneficial for our health. And then it’s obviously, from an environmental and an ethical perspective, so powerful as well.”

Healthy Made Simple

Now in 2024 and with two children plus a multi-faceted business to run, Ella needs her meals to be not just nutritious but quick and easy, which is where her new book Healthy Made Simple comes in.

“I’ve got a three year old and a four and a half year old, and when my four year old was born, I really fell out of love with cooking. I just had no time – I went back to work when she was four weeks old and I just really, really struggled.

“I needed more energy than I’ve ever needed. I needed the effects of eating well, but I just couldn’t find the motivation to do it.”

So she invented new rules for dinner time – easy vegan meals that had to be ready in under 30 minutes, with 10 or less main ingredients that could be bought at a local shop.

Eating well when you’re busy

“So many of us want to eat more healthily. We want to look after our gut health, we want to eat more vegetables. We know it’s really good for us, but we just really struggle to do it because life is so busy.

“Everyone has so many responsibilities, and I feel like Healthy Made Simple is a really genuine tool to allow people to do that in a feasible way.”

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Feeling inspired by Ella’s story? Listen to the full interview and other insights from vegan chefs, scientists and health experts on the Simply Vegan podcast

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