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A health specialist has issued a warning that one snack that appears to be diet friendly may actually ruin weight loss results.

Deciding to embark on a weight loss journey is no easy task, so it can be all the more frustrating when the scales don’t move, even if you think you’re doing everything right. It turns out that this problem may be caused by eating certain snacks that are considered healthy, but don’t actually aid weight loss.

Dr Jia-Yi Liu, an expert in immune and wellness who works on the front line of acute medical care and lectures at a leading medical school, has shared this advice. On her YouTube channel “Healthy Immune Doc,” she recently highlighted that some fruity snacks are among the “worst foods that sabotage your diet.”

She singled out fruity yogurts and fruit bars as major culprits due to their high added sugar content, Bristol Live reports.

“Fruit yogurts often contain more added sugar than ice cream,” Dr. Liu revealed. “Added sugar raises your blood sugar and insulin levels, which makes you pack on fat,” she explained.

While eating sugary foods isn’t a problem if you exercise, she warned that if you don’t “use up your sugar”, it can lead to weight gain.

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The expert further clarified: “Insulin is a natural hormone that helps you gain weight by storing calories into fat. Both proteins and sugars can stimulate the release of insulin, but fat in the muscle or liver prevents the normal action of insulin.”

“Fat makes the tissue insensitive to insulin and this phenomenon is called insulin resistance.”

Dr. Liu has highlighted that added sugars, which are found in various forms such as honey, maple syrup, agave juice, brown sugar, and fructose, can have a detrimental effect on metabolism when overconsumed. She also raised concerns about the sugar content in flour, stating it contains “more sugar than table sugar” due to its abundance of glucose molecules.

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For those looking to slim down, Dr. Liu advises caution with fructose, which can be harsh on the liver. If you’re fond of fruit bars, she suggests chilling them in the fridge or freezing them overnight.

This trick lowers their sugar level by causing amylopectin to combine with amylose, creating resistant starch. “Resistant starch won’t raise your blood sugar and is healthy for the body,” she explained.

According to a study in the National Library of Medicine, resistant starch offers several benefits that could aid in weight loss or maintenance. These advantages include an increased release of gut satiety peptides, improved fat burning, reduced fat storage in fat cells, and the preservation of muscle mass.

Dr. Liu’s advice for those aiming to shed pounds is to choose whole fruits instead of processed foods containing fruit to achieve better results.

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