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Dr Michael Mosley says just a small amount of a food he calls a ‘nutritional powerhouse’ can help people reduce their chances of heart disease, high blood pressure and even improve their skin. Speaking on his Just One Thing podcast on BBC, , Dr Mosley cited a seed which has remarkable health benefits.

Also known as linseeds, flaxseeds are a ‘nutritional powerhouse packed with fibre, protein, and healthy fatty acids’. They have mild, nutty taste and can be added to people’s diets sprinkled on porridge, added to a salad, or even baked into bread and muffins.

Dr Mosley said they were better absorbed when ground into a powder. Researchers think some of the benefits could be the results of a fatty acid called alpha linolenic acid (ALA) which it found in high quantities in flaxseed. It is an anti-inflammatory and excellent protection against heart disease.

Other benefits include fibre – which also reduces heart disease and cholesterol – and lignans, which are also anti-oxidants. The fact that flaxseeds have all three of these compounds – ALA, fibre and lignans – makes them hugely beneficial, according to Dr Mosley.

“Studies show that eating flaxseeds can lower blood pressure and also improve your skin, which could be down to the fatty acids and anti-oxidants which are much more readily available when you grind them up,” he said.

“A small German study on women with sensitive showed that two weeks of taking a 2g flaxseed oil supplement improved their skin quality. Not only did their sensitivity decrease, but they also received a boost in both hydration and smoothness.

“Flaxseeds are also rich in fibre, which is not only good for relieving constipation but can also help control our blood sugar levels. A small study published in 2020 found that feeding volunteers 30g of ground flaxseed was enough to lower blood sugar levels across a day.”

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