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Wondering how you can live a long, healthy life? The answer might be simpler than you think.

According to TV’s Dr Michael Mosley, it’s all about the foods you choose to eat. The health expert, also known for his Just One Thing podcast and author of popular books, reckons there are two colours we should be adding more of on our plate if we want to hit triple digits.

In one of his popular TV shows, Secrets Of The Superagers, he went globe-trotting to visit communities where folks live longer than most people. In Okinawa, Japan, he chatted with Craig Wilcox, a top uni professor specialised in public health and studying old age. Dr Mosley shared: “He told me twin studies have shown that whether or not you reach the age of 80 in good shape, is 75 per cent down to lifestyle and 25 per cent to genes.”

The expert says there’s a special gene tied to living longer, but the good doctor stresses that we can boost our chances with smart choices in our life, like eating right, trying short fasts, moving more, less stress, and of course, loading up on our diet,” reports Bristol Live.

So what should we munch on? He suggests ‘lots of red and purple foods, like reddish-purple sweet potatoes, shrimp and salmon’. Talking to MailOnline, Dr Mosley said: “These brightly coloured foods contain powerful antioxidants that help protect us against heart disease and stroke.”

Cutting calories and tucking into more fruit and veg could be the secret to living longer, a doctor has revealed. Research on animals has shown restricting calories while eating well leads to a longer life. Brits are urged to try this out, especially as during World War Two the people of Okinawa ate just 1,700 calories a day but their diet was packed with healthy foods like sweet potatoes and seafood, with little meat or rice.

Dr Mosley said: “Professor Wilcox thinks going on a low-calorie diet that’s rich in vegetables and foods containing antioxidants helps activate genes such as FoxO3 that play a part in healthy ageing.”

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