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Have you been eating out for quite some time now? Have you not been keeping a check on your calorie intake? Is the sudden thought of uncontrolled weight gain dreading you? If yes, then dear reader, we have the perfect solution for you. Fret not, we would never ask you to not enjoy the delicacies from your favourite food joints. Instead, you can just be a bit mindful and balance out your next few meals carefully. Trust us, it’s all about balance! And to help you with that, Nutritionist Richa Gangani shared a few quick tips on Instagram. Let’s check them out.

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Here Are 5 Tips To Balance Your Meals: How To Avoid Weight Gain After Eating Out:

“I love to eat out but gaining the weight next is very frustrating. But here is my cheat sheet to avoid weight gain the next day,” Richa Gangani shares.

Tip 1. Eat light dinner:

Try to avoid eating heavily at night. This slows down your metabolism process throughout the night, making you feel bloated the next morning. “Try going easy on your stomach and balance out the heavy lunch with a moderately light dinner,” the expert states.

Tip 2. Drink warm water or green tea:

By now, we all know that warm water helps aid digestion and burn excess fat in the body. Moreover, green tea is packed with antioxidants and helps reduce oxidative stress in the body, making the digestive system faster.

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Tip 3. Go for a small walk:

Always go for a small walk after a heavy meal. Walks help reduce bloating, making you feel lighter, and aiding metabolism and overall gut health.

Tip 4. Don’t try crash dieting:

It is absolutely okay if you have overindulged. Don’t be hard on yourself or your body for consuming those extra calories. Avoid starving or going on a crash diet to balance out your meals.

Tip 5. Don’t skip meals:

This is the worst thing you can do to yourself. Skipping meals may make your metabolism slower. In fact, starving to shed kilos is a temporary solution that comes with various side effects.

So, be judicious while planning your healthy meal and go slow and steady to enjoy good health for a long time.


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