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New Delhi witnesses a dramatic shift in weather, prompting health experts to underline the importance of adapting our diets for enhanced gut health and immunity. Renowned gastroenterologist Dr. Nageshwar Reddy emphasizes the crucial role of gut health in overall wellbeing, backed by nutritionists Rujuta Diwekar and Munmun Ganeriwal who share traditional dietary wisdom for combating seasonal health challenges.


Understanding the Impact of Seasonal Changes on Health

As temperatures fluctuate, our bodies demand different nutritional needs to maintain optimal health. Dr. Reddy points out that a healthy gut microbiome plays a pivotal role in regulating various bodily functions, from metabolism to mental health. This period of transition is often accompanied by a rise in infections such as influenza and stomach flu, making it essential to focus on foods that support gut health and boost immunity.

Traditional Foods for Modern Health


Diwekar and Ganeriwal highlight the importance of integrating traditional foods into our daily diet. Bajra (pearl millet), known for its warming properties, is recommended during cooler weather but can be adapted for summer consumption when combined with cooling ingredients. Additionally, dry dates (Khareek) are suggested for their iron-boosting benefits, essential for maintaining healthy skin and hair. Including mustard in pickles is another tip for incorporating monounsaturated fats beneficial for heart health. These recommendations are rooted in centuries-old wisdom, emphasizing the significance of eating seasonally and in proper proportions.

Comprehensive Health in a Changing Environment

The Banega Swachh India initiative, led by campaign ambassador Ayushmann Khurrana, broadens the perspective on health to include environmental sustainability and the wellbeing of vulnerable communities. The campaign’s emphasis on One Health, One Planet, One Future underscores the interconnectedness of human and environmental health. In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) has been reaffirmed, highlighting the need for comprehensive approaches to health that consider the broader ecological and societal context.

As we navigate the challenges posed by seasonal changes, the advice from health experts encourages us to revisit traditional dietary practices for modern health benefits. Incorporating gut-healthy foods not only enhances our immunity but also aligns with sustainable and inclusive health initiatives. This holistic approach to health, recognizing the links between diet, environment, and community wellbeing, offers valuable insights for adapting to our rapidly changing world.

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