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Thursday, June 6 is the day health-conscious Brits are most likely to make a last-ditch effort to shape up for summer.

A poll of people who regularly go on diets found 88% will start some kind of restrictive eating plan from this week, with June 6 the most popular first day. But while most attempt to go on three diets a year, they rarely work in the long term.

The survey of 2,000 people for the health app Lingo by Abbott revealed the nation’s healthy eating plans only last 16 days on average. A third said they were currently trying to lose their weight and improve their diet but a quarter said they found healthy eating tedious and hard to keep up.

A further 14% said they had tried several different diets but nothing succeeded in keeping the weight off. When it comes to eating plans people have tried and ditched, low carb came out top followed by cutting calories and intermittent fasting such as the 5:2 diet.

Other more unusual regimes slimmers quickly gave up on included the five bite diet, where you are only allowed to have five bites of food during a meal.

They also quit the Subway diet, where you only eat sandwiches from the fast-food chain, and fruitarianism, where you only eat fruit, nuts and seeds.

Lily Soutter, the resident nutritionist at Lingo, said: “With a third of Britons admitting that they’re currently trying to improve their weight and diet, it seems that they’re searching for fast answers that assume one size fits all – but this isn’t the case.

“Small and sustainable changes are more realistic than overnight change – and when practised daily this can contribute towards overall wellbeing.”

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