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Flavor Flav loves Red Lobster. Last week — not long after the Public Enemy MC announced that he’d be sponsoring the US Women’s Water Polo Team — he decided he was going to help rescue Red Lobster. Now, he appears to have been hired as the restaurant chain’s official hype man, voicing a new commercial for their annual-ish Crabfest.

“Yeeeeeeah, boyeeeeee,” Flav proclaims in the commercial, obviously. As a montage of seasoned crab legs graces the screen, he continues: “When the internet said Red Lobster’s going away, your boy Flavor Flav said: ‘Not today.’”

The rapper gave some words of encouragement in the form of an Instagram comment. “Y’ALL WE DID THIS TOGETHER,!!! All it took was ya boy going viral to get a partnership with his favorite restaurant,!!! YEAH BOOYYYEEEE,!!!” We like to think we had at least a small hand in spreading the news.

Check out the commercial below.

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