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Meal kits can also be better for the environment than you might think. Food waste makes up to 40% of the country’s entire food supply, according to the USDA, so if you’ve thrown away more moldy produce than you’d like to admit in recent months, Meyer says a meal kit option may be a way to save money and reduce food waste.

Are meal kits good for dieting?

We know health and nutrition are incredibly personal and no one way of eating will work for everyone. Our definition of eating healthy means delicious, hearty, easy meals; it does not mean thin or maintaining a certain weight. That being said, if you’re hoping to start a special diet, like going keto, vegan, or gluten-free, meal kits can introduce you to new kinds of meals. If you’re trying to start a weight-loss diet, though, our experts say it’s best to consult with a registered dietitian before making any drastic changes to your eating patterns.

How to pick a healthy food delivery service

When you first start weighing meal delivery options, ask yourself questions about your home’s eating habits. Are you a breakfast eater? What about snacks? How many people are you cooking for? You should also consider your budget, the amount of time the average meal requires, and how often your deliveries will arrive. This prep will help you weed out services that offer the wrong types of meals or inconvenient amounts of food, says Ma.

Next, it’s time to get into more specific dietary preferences. Decide what’s most important to you about the food itself: Do you prioritize features like organic ingredients, allergen-free options, or vegetarian recipes? Do you have an adventurous palate, or would you prefer more familiar types of meals? “Once you’ve narrowed in on those factors, it will be easier to find the best meal delivery service for you,” says Meyer.

These days there’s a healthy meal delivery service for nearly everyone. Some brands cater to budget-conscious eaters, while others make the most of premium ingredients and boundary-pushing recipes. Carnivores and vegans alike can find plenty of worthwhile options, and some services are even meant specifically for children.

What we’re looking for

  • Type: Meal kits—boxes filled with every ingredient you’ll need to make a recipe—are still the most common kind of meal service. But a growing number of brands also offer prepared-meal delivery, allowing you to heat up an entrée and start eating in mere minutes.
  • Meal options: A large variety of meals is always a good thing, especially if you’re ready to expand your culinary horizons with nutritious salads, hearty oat bowls, or family-friendly bakes. We also looked for add-ons like snacks, proteins, à la carte options, and wine pairings to take dishes to the next level.
  • Servings: Most premade meals serve one person; meal kits start at two servings and can go up to four or six. Consider how many mouths you have to feed, then shop accordingly.
  • Cost: The cheapest options start at just over $6 per serving, while more luxe plans can run you well over $20. Most brands offer a discounted rate (and even discounted shipping) when you order more servings per delivery.
  • Availability: Most people should be able to order most healthy meal delivery services with no issues; usually, only Alaska and Hawaii residents are excluded. Every brand will allow you to check your zip code when you sign up to ensure you’re within their delivery range.
  • Packaging: If you’d rather support an eco-conscious brand, look for recyclable and compostable packaging.

Meet our dietitians

There’s something for everyone at Home Chef, which is why we consider it the best overall. Each weekly menu includes at least 20 meal kits, all of which come with portioned ingredients and everything you’ll need to cook. You can choose from plenty of 30-ish-minute options, plus more premium recipes, 15-minute kits, and ready-to-heat dishes. As a bonus, you can filter meal options when you’re filling your box to see only low-calorie entrées. And every recipe includes thoughtful information like the difficulty level, how soon you have to cook it, and even the amount of spice. (There’s also an offshoot called Fresh and Easy, which provides microwave-, grill-, and oven-ready meals, plus 15-minute meal kits for even easier eating.)

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