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Operating in 14 cities with 18 warehouses, Hyperpure provides next-day delivery on a comprehensive range of quality ingredients, including staples, packaged and frozen products, fresh produce, poultry, meats & seafood, sustainable packaging, and ready-to-serve & cook items. It also works in tandem with restaurants to chart the right path for their growth journeys and builds custom solutions. Hyperpure addresses the fundamental challenges faced by the restaurant industry, aiming to revolutionize the way businesses operate by providing solutions to their key pain points; Vendor Network Complexity, Inventory Management Difficulties and On-time Delivery Challenges. In an exclusive interaction with Restaurant India, Ramit Goyal, National Head- Hyperpure share about its mission to build a farm-to-fork approach, prioritizing speed and ensuring stringent quality control. Excerpts from the interview: 

How Hyperpure Works?
Supporting Restaurant Growth:

Consistency, cost control, and productivity – Hyperpure tackles your biggest hurdles with:
Standard Delivery:
●    Establishing a robust farm and vendor network.
●    Partnering with trusted and verified suppliers.
    Next-day Delivery:
●    Allowing orders as early as 11 pm, minimizing last-minute cash purchases.
●    Providing transparent and easy tracking of expenses.
    Reducing Food Costs and Increasing Revenue:
●    Ensuring high and consistent yield to minimize wastage of resources.
●    Facilitating lower inventory levels, allowing kitchen space to be optimized for increased revenue.
Hyperpure empowers restaurants to overcome challenges, offering a streamlined solution that not only ensures the timely and quality supply of ingredients but also contributes to the overall efficiency and growth of the restaurant business.

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What’s your market presence and what’s your expansion plan?

Hyperpure currently boasts a robust market presence, serving an extensive network of over 30,000+ restaurants across 14 cities. Our partners span the spectrum, encompassing food entrepreneurs embarking on their culinary journey to well-established large food chains. In line with our sustainable growth vision, we have embraced hydroponic farming. By cultivating crops without soil, we aim to increase harvest yields in a more confined space while simultaneously reducing carbon emissions associated with transporting produce from rural to urban areas. 

Looking ahead, our expansion plan incorporates strategic initiatives that will drive our long-term growth: 

4PL Solution for Storage & Logistics:
●    End-to-end warehousing and logistics solutions.
●    Strategic partnerships with large, multi-city, multi-outlet chains.
●    A reliable, tech-enabled supply chain with real-time visibility.
    Deep Fruits and Vegetables Sourcing through Collection Centres:
●    Establishing 50+ farmer collection centres.
●    Aiming for 30% of the volume to be directly sourced from farmers through the collection centre model.
●    Estimated to generate a substantial 10% incremental margin unlock.
    Agile Commercial Kitchen for Customized Products:
●    Development of an agile commercial kitchen with diverse production capabilities.
●    Solving complex problems for customers with tailored and ready-to-serve products.
●    Resulting in higher customer stickiness and improved profit margins.

As we expand, we are not just growing in scale but evolving with a focus on technological advancements, sustainability, and customer-centric solutions that will drive our success in the dynamic restaurant supply landscape.

How much has the data helped you in building the hyperpure business a cross-leveraging business of its food delivery arm?
Data plays a pivotal role in the success of Hyperpure by leveraging insights across various aspects such as marketing, sales, and supply chain management. The data-driven approach has significantly contributed to the strategic development and operational efficiency of Hyperpure. It helps in anticipating restaurant basket size, tailored product offerings, strategic expansion opportunities and customer-centric buying patterns. 

5 Trends you see in overall food-tech business.
The food-tech landscape is constantly evolving, with innovative trends emerging all the time. Here are 5 key trends currently shaping the overall food-tech business:
1. Rise of Alternative Proteins:
Plant-based meat and other alternative proteins are rapidly gaining traction due to concerns about animal welfare, sustainability, and health. 
2. Personalization and Precision Nutrition:
Consumers are increasingly interested in personalized food experiences tailored to their individual needs and preferences. This includes personalized meal plans based on nutritional tracking apps, and smart kitchen devices that adapt to dietary restrictions and health goals. 
3. Hyperlocal and Sustainable Food Systems:
Consumers are seeking food grown closer to home with a reduced environmental impact. This includes increasing support for local farmers, vertical farming, and urban agriculture initiatives. We’re sourcing fresh Indian veggies and greens directly from local farmers as a part of our farm-to-fork initiative, supporting them in their efforts. 
4. Hydroponic farming techniques:
Hydroponics is quietly revolutionizing food tech. Precise, efficient, and resource-friendly, it’s boosting yields, slashing water use, and paving the way for smart, sustainable farms. From city rooftops to desert oases, hydroponics is sprouting a future where everyone gets access to fresh, flavorful food.
5. Food E-commerce and Delivery:
Online food ordering and delivery services have experienced explosive growth in recent years, fueled by convenience and changing consumer preferences. This trend is likely to continue, with increasing integration of meal kits, grocery delivery, and personalized recommendations. Companies like Zomato and Blinkit leading the way.

Who are some of your top partners and how does the partnership work?
At Hyperpure, our partnership model is built on a robust framework that redefines the dynamics of restaurant supply. Some of our top partners are Wow Momo Foods Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata, Barbeque Nation, Bangalore, Kanti Sweets, Bangalore, Biryani Blues, Gurgaon, Bikkgane Biryani and Freshmenu, Bangalore amongst others.

How much has the Hyperpure business contributed to Zomato’s overall growth? What’s the share?
As per Q2FY24 Hyperpure generated a revenue of ₹745 crore, representing a 23% share of Zomato’s overall revenue. 

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