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Adding the right dose of healthy fats in your diet can transform your health and prevent many chronic diseases. Here’re top foods to include and their benefits.

Fats have gained the reputation of making people fat and being the harbinger of many chronic diseases. But too less can be as harmful as too much. Besides the segregation between healthy and unhealthy fat is crucial to understand their impact on the body. While many fitness-conscious individuals may be skipping fats altogether to avoid weight gain and the threat of many pesky diseases that come with them, the intake of healthy fats is essential for brain function, heart health, skin and hair health, bone health and metabolism. In fact, some amount of healthy fat is important for managing cholesterol too. Studies have proved that monounsaturated fats from plants may lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol. (Also read: What are healthy fats? Know from expert)

Healthy fats are derived mostly from plant-based foods and are a storehouse of omega-3 fatty acids. (Freepik)

Healthy fats are derived mostly from plant-based foods and are a storehouse of omega-3 fatty acids. Nuts and seeds, ghee, avocados, olives, fatty fish, sesame, soybean oil are all sources of healthy fats. Dark chocolate is another source of healthy fats and is rich in monounsaturated fat but should be consumed in moderation due to the sugar content.

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When it comes to incorporating fats in the diet, one must be careful about the healthy or unhealthy status of their fats. Samosa, kachori, pakora, pizza, burger and other such junk foods must be avoided to prevent adding inches to the waist, while ghee, avocados, nuts and seeds must be consumed in moderation for intake of healthy fats.

“Discover the essential role of healthy fats in optimizing your body’s functions. From boosting brain performance and supporting hormonal balance to promoting heart health and aiding in weight loss, incorporating these fats into your diet offers a myriad of benefits,” says Nutritionist Bhakti Arora Kapoor in her latest Instagram post.


Here’s a glimpse into the positive impacts as suggested by Kapoor.

1. Cognitive excellence

Healthy fats can improve your brain power and can help manage functions from memory to moods. Fuel your brain with healthy fats to enhance cognitive function, memory, and mood stabilization. Have a handful of soaked almonds or a serving of fatty fish to add a dose of healthy fats in your diet and to take care of your brain.

2. Cardiovascular support

Regular intake of healthy fats can help support your heart health. While you should avoid consuming deep-fried foods and sugary and creamy delicacies, a dallop of ghee with your dal can help nourish your body and support cardiovascular health. Healthy fats actively reduce bad cholesterol levels, lowering the risk of heart disease.

3. Lasting energy

For sustained energy throughout the day and curb unwanted cravings, it’s important to include sufficient amounts of healthy fats in your diet. Consuming fats can keep you full, regulate blood sugar, and curb unhealthy snacking.

4. Nutrient synergy

Healthy fats when combined with certain foods boost their benefits by better nutrient absorption. Ensure proper absorption of essential vitamins A, D, E, and K by incorporating healthy fats into your meals.

5. Radiant skin

Consumption of healthy fats is also associated with a glowing skin and strong hair. Reap the rewards of a radiant skin as fats contribute to elasticity, a smoother complexion, and reduced inflammation.

6. Hormonal harmony

Healthy fats can help keep hormones in balance and aid better functioning of the body. Maintain a balanced hormonal system by avoiding the pitfalls of a low-fat diet. Embrace the goodness of healthy fats for overall well-being.


Kapoor also shares various sources of healthy sources and how much to eat on a daily basis.

Sources of healthy fats

1. From nuts and seeds (1/4 cup)

Almonds – 14 grams

Walnuts – 18 grams

Chia seeds – 9 grams

Flaxseeds – 12 grams

Hemp seeds – 14 grams

Pecans – 20 grams

Brazil nuts – 19 grams

Macadamia nuts – 21 grams

Cashews – 12 grams

Pistachio – 13 grams

Pumpkin seeds – 13 grams

Sesame seeds – 14 grams

Avocado – 4 gm

Peanut butter – 16 grams

From seafood – per 100 gm

Salmon (wild-caught) – 13.6 gm

Mackerel (cooked) – 13.9 gm

Sardines (canned in oil) – 18 gm

Trout (cooked) – 6.7 gm

Tuna (canned in oil, drained) – 8 gm

Herring (cooked) – 17 gm

Swordfish (cooked) – 4.5 gm

Halibut (cooked) – 2.4 gm

Cod (cooked) – 0.7 gm

2. From meat – per 100 gm

Bacon (cooked) – 42 gm

Beef (80% lean) – 18.5 g

Pork (shoulder) – 21 g

Lamb (shoulder) – 23 g

Duck (roasted) – 28.4 g

Chicken (thigh, skin-on) – 9.3 g

Turkey (dark meat, skin-on) – 15.5 g

3. From oils – per tablespoon

Olive oil – 14gm

Coconut oil – 14gm

Avocado oil – 14 gm

Canola oil – 14 gm

Flaxseed oil – 14 gm

Sesame oil – 13.5 gm

Walnut oil – 14 gm

Grapeseed oil – 14 gm

Sunflower oil – 14 gm

Safflower oil – 14 gm

Corn oil – 13.6 gm

Peanut oil- 13. 5gm

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