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Building and maintaining a good physique isn’t just about exercise. To build and maintain a good physique, one has to be disciplined about their activities throughout the day, keep a check on their diet, and have an effective exercise regime. Alan Ritchson, who portrays the iconic role of Jack Reacher in the crime drama series, Reacher, is absolutely ripped. The actor recently took to his Instagram to address his fans who are always asking about his diet plans.

Alan Ritchson

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Alan Ritchson talks about his diet plan

Alan Ritchson has been making a lot of headlines recently after he reprised his role as a former U.S. Army soldier, Jack Reacher in the series Reacher. The American actor first rose to fame for his portrayal of Aquaman in the CW series, Smallville.

A lot of his fans have been asking him how he stays fit and maintains his body in perfect shape over the years and the actor recently decided to take to Instagram and answer those “obsessed with his diet.” The actor showed a video of what he was eating at the moment and said,

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“Alright, I will tell you. I eat food, first and foremost. ‘Do I eat healthy?’ Yes, of course. I mean how can you expect to stay in great shape for years at a time if you are not eating healthy? I will give you an example. Okay, here’s a good meal, you got chicken, rice, protein, and some carbs, a little veggies, balanced macronutrients, or whatever. And, you just stay away from everything else. At least that’s what I do.”

Alan Ritchson
Alan Ritchson

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Alan Ritchson’s video has been making rounds on the internet and fans poured their love for the star in the comment section. Some of them even said that he is Jack Reacher both on and off the screen.

Fitness influencer Joey Swoll also shows his support for Alan Ritchson

The CEO of Gym Positivity (a title given to him by himself and rightly so), Joey Swoll also commented on Alan Ritchson’s reel and talked about how it is okay to have a cheat meal every now and then as long as you measure your meals calorically. Swoll commented,


“Eat healthy but at the same ENJOY LIFE. There’s nothing wrong with or “cheating” about enjoying a good meal, dessert, or cookie in your case, as long as it’s in moderation and you budget for it calorically while living an active lifestyle. That’a how you develop a good, healthy relationship with food and sustain the lifestyle!”

Joey Swoll
Joey Swoll

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Joey Swoll is one of the most loved fitness influencers on the platform and he uses his massive following to convey his messages against toxic gym culture everywhere around the world.

Both seasons of Reacher are currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.


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