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Eating a healthy, balanced diet when money is tight can be tough. And it’s no secret that food costs have skyrocketed within the past year. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, food costs in 2023 rose 5.8%.

For some Coloradans, the thought of trying to eat a healthy, balanced diet on a budget is unattainable and unrealistic. Shannon Driscol, lead clinical dietitian at AdventHealth Avista, says you can easily stretch your dollar, however, with a little practice.

Driscol took CBS News Colorado’s Mekialaya White inside a Louisville King Soopers to get a look at how to navigate through the aisles.

Driscol began in the frozen foods section. These foods are a fraction of the price, keep for longer, and just as nutritious as fresh fruits and veggies.

“Looking through the frozen aisle there are some really great options of vegetables that are pre-seasoned that you can also combine with some non-pre-seasoned vegetables, so you’ll have some grain options mixed with vegetable options,” Driscol said, “The only piece that’s missing is a protein, that can be through your canned goods; beans, tuna, chicken.”

Canned foods are also a great way to get bang for your buck. “It’s about mixing and matching. Meat can be really expensive but if you find that canned chili that has that protein, then non-starchy veggies to complete that dish.”

“Colors of the rainbow is what I like to say,” she continued. “So, if you have carrots one night, and then green beans and those mixed canned veggies.”

But, she says, watch the salt with canned foods: “Sodium is a high preservative, but you can take it home and rinse it off once you get home.”

Finally, look for those discounts.

Shannon Driscol, lead clinical dietitian at AdventHealth Avista


“When we’re looking for produce, we really want to hone in on things that are on sale,” Driscol said. “Instead of making your grocery list first and then trying to fit things on that grocery list, go in reverse, so find things that are on sale and build your grocery list after that. It can be things that are in season — those things will be cheaper than everything else that you’re shopping for.”

Grocery store apps often offer weekly coupons, which offer a convenient way to save on healthy items.

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