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Dr Michael Mosley has provided five easy steps to help you permanently ditch junk food. We all know how tempting junk food can be, with a huge, tasty burger being the perfect comfort food after a hard day.

But filling your body with nutritious food is actually a much better idea, and Dr Mosley, known for promoting the Fast 800 diet, explains how you can quit junk food once and for all.

It’s not an easy task, but the health benefits are huge and if shedding weight is on your agenda, you’ll definitely see a difference if you often indulge in junk food.

The allure of rich, heavily processed foods may seem hard to resist – but healthy foods can taste just as good and are infinitely more beneficial. Dr Mosley stated in ITV’s The Junk Food Experiment: “There is something about junk food that seems to override our normal feedback mechanisms and encourages us to overeat”.

It’s certainly not easy to completely kick out junk food due to numerous psychological and physiological factors – it’s not just about strong willpower. The good news here is that Michael Mosley has offered five “golden rules” which aim to make the transition smoother from junk food to healthier alternatives.

Pre-prepare lunch

A study from 2015 discovered that eating fast food and our habits when dining out are major factors for a poor diet, leading to higher fat and calorie intake. This means if you have food prepared, you’re less likely to opt for unhealthy options.

Simple changes

Dr Mosley suggests that while it can be hard to break bad habits, making small changes can help retrain your brain and reduce reliance on junk food. Swapping chocolate for nuts and seeds, choosing Greek yoghurt with berries over dessert, and opting for veggies instead of simple carbs can be just as delicious but much healthier.

Sleep well

We all know sleep is important for our health, but did you know it can also affect your food cravings? Lack of sleep can increase your desire for junk food and lower your self-control. Dr Mosley explains that sleep deprivation increases a lipid in your bloodstream called an endocannabinoid, which makes eating more enjoyable.

Eat mindfully

It’s easy to grab the first thing you see and eat it quickly, but a 2018 study found that mindful eating – focusing on the textures, tastes and smells of healthier foods – can reduce the temptation for unhealthy snacks.

Keep a food diary

Writing down what you eat each day can be really helpful, as it encourages you to be mindful and stay accountable.

Dr Mosley suggests noting down how you feel when you eat foods high in sugar and fat to see if there’s a link between feeling sluggish or mood swings.

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