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A 148 page report containing 17 health guidelines has been issued by the Indian Council Of Medical Research (ICMR). The guidelines are prepared by the national institute of nutrition, Hyderabad. It asks all the consumers to check the nutrition information mentioned every product before you depend on the cost or the brand. According to the guidelines, around 56.4% of disease burden in India is caused due to unhealthy food habits.

The National Institute of Nutrition (NIN) revised the guidelines after 13 years and stated how the mortality rates caused due unhealthy lifestyle can be avoided. It said that following a routine with regular exercise and healthy diets, there are less chances of people being affected with coronary heart diseases and type-2 diabetes.

The NIN also mentions that regular consumption of protein supplements is not healthy and asks people to ‘avoid protein supplements’ since intake of large amount of protein powders for a long period might possess a threat to bone mineral loss and kidney damage. The guidelines mention that the ideal protein intake should not be more than 1.6g/kilo body weight.

In the humdrum of life, people are so focused on achieving their professional goals that they forget a very simple fact. A healthy physical body is the only source of all the energy, ideas and future plans they have for themselves. Most people do promote eating healthy but eating healthy should mean eating fresh foods and not processed packaged healthy foods since the preservatives tent to reduce the nutrients from the actual food.

Packaged foods are also high in sodium and sugar which could lead to pre-mature diseases. The ICMR suggests that everyday consumption of sugar should not exceed 5% of total energy intake. The NIN has listed 17 guidelines suggesting eating a variety of foods for a balanced diet such as fresh vegetables, legumes, pulses etc. Moreover it has urged people to try replacing their protein supplements with food items.

The guidelines say that consumption of ultra-processed foods can lead to overweight/obesity, higher risks of heart attack, diabetes or stroke. It clearly states that foods such as instant noodles, breakfast mixes, soup mixes might sound healthy but fall under the category of ultra processed foods. It is high time people start adopting a healthier diet and depend more on fresh, local and traditional foods.

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