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Healthy and easy food swaps can help you maintain your ew year’s resolutions towards better eating habits.

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  • Making healthier choices is always top of mind at the start of a new year.
  • As the year unfolds and you get caught up in work, back to school and your other daily routines, it becomes harder to stick to these goals.
  • An expert shared some healthy and easy food swaps to incorporate into your meals in 2024. 

Making healthier choices is always top of mind at the start of a new year because the new year is an observable fresh start for most people. 

However, as the year unfolds, and you get caught up in work, back to school and your other daily routines, including the pressure of having to plan daily meals, that new year’s resolution of eating healthier might fast start becoming a distant dream.

Ken Kinsey-Quick, founder and CEO of Banhoek Chilli Oil, advises that faltering on these goals as we get into the thick of things throughout the year’s progression should not be taken as a sign to give up.

“By making some smart swaps when planning your meals, such as opting for nutritious alternatives like greek yoghurt and sweet potato fries, and incorporating flavourful choices like Banhoek Chilli Oil instead of traditional chilli sauces, you can skip the guilt of excessive calories and have the added bonus of still delighting your taste buds,” Kinsey-Quick saod.

Kinsey-Quick shared some healthy and easy food swaps to incorporate into your meals in 2024:

1. Greek yoghurt in place of regular yoghurt:

Opt for Greek yoghurt over regular. Not only does Greek yoghurt offer a protein-dense alternative with less sodium, carbohydrates, and sugars, but it also stands out as a deliciously filling option. You can also use it as a healthier substitute for sour cream, adding richness and satisfaction to your meals.

2. Chilli oil instead of chilli sauces

Opting for chilli oil over chilli sauces is a mindful choice for those seeking a flavourful kick without compromising on nutritional value.

For example, Banhoek Chilli Oil, which is a premium chilli oil, is made with a base of high-quality grapeseed (Canola) oil, which brings heart-healthy monounsaturated fats and a significant level of polyunsaturated omega-3 to the table.

Its chilli oil retains the full spectrum of nutrients from the chilli peppers, including capsaicin, renowned for its metabolism-boosting and anti-inflammatory properties.

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“Many chilli sauce condiments are often laden with artificial additives, so Banhoek Chilli Oil is on a mission to offer a tastier and healthier condiment alternative, adding the perfect bite of flavour to any meal,” said Kinsey-Quick. 

3. Sweet potato fries over regular fries

Choose sweet potato fries for a nutrient-packed delight. These fries are lower in sodium and higher in vitamins A and E. Although sweet potatoes contain slightly more calories than regular potatoes, they offer a flavourful twist to your meals, combined with great health benefits.

Chilli oil

Banhoek Chilli Oil is a premium chilli oil made with a base of high-quality grapeseed.

4. Nut butter instead of processed spreads

Unlike processed spreads and dairy-based butter with high saturated fat content, nut butter offers a delicious alternative. Packed with protein and featuring heart-friendly monounsaturated fatty acids, they’re not only a delectable option but also a healthier one. Just remember, moderation is key.

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5. Fresh fruit over fruit juices

Embrace the natural goodness of fresh fruits over juices for essential nutrients and dietary fibre. Beyond managing hunger pangs, fresh fruits promote oral health and help you feel fuller for longer, overall contributing to a healthier lifestyle.

Some other great, healthy food swaps to try include:

  • Whole grains over refined grains
  • Avocado instead of mayonnaise
  • Cauliflower rice instead of white rice
  • Zucchini noodles, a low-carb pasta alternative
  • Coconut milk for dairy-fee creaminess

In the journey toward a healthier lifestyle this new year, let these practical food swaps be your guide. Here’s to a year of making sensible choices that are great for your body and provide a delicious step towards a better you.

Information supplied by Mantis Comms on behalf of Banhoek Chilli Oil.

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