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SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (WXYZ) — We see it every year. The holidays end and America’s love affair with weight loss begins. Many of us turn to diet plans to lose pounds and shed weight. But the whole concept of a diet could be part of the problem.

The word ‘diet’ now has a connotation of something that has a beginning and an end,” said Grace Derocha, Registered Dietitian with Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Metro Detroiter Grace Derocha is a registered dietitian and a national spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She says focusing on nutrition is a more sustainable path to a healthier lifestyle and can lead to weight loss.

“Walk us through some of the nutritional trends that you expect to see in 2024,” 7 Action News asked Derocha.

“You’ll hear this word a lot, reducing ‘inflammation’ in the body,” she said.

Grace says think fruits and vegetables with deep colors.

“Berries, pomegranates. Also in the vegetables, we have broccoli, kale, peppers,” she added.

All nutritionally dense and packed with antioxidants, fighting inflammation linked to diabetes, heart disease, cancers, and supporting brain health.

“I see chocolate and wine here. So, we’re not talking sacrifice,” said 7 Action News.

“No. And I think to keeping the portions in check, obviously, if there’s weight loss goals,” said Derocha.

Another trend Grace says she expects to see a greater push toward is ‘flexatarianism’ and a more plant forward lifestyle.

“Adding more fruits and vegetables, but maybe they’re still having, you know, some fish or protein sources that aren’t necessarily vegetarian or vegan,” she said of the new trend.

Another nutrition trend for 2024 — a brighter spotlight on micronutrients and microminerals.

They’re elements like vitamins like A, D and B complex and elements like phosphorus for bone structure and magnesium.

“It can help support our immune system, helps with nerve and muscle function, helps give us a steady heartbeat,” Derocha revealed.

Magnesium also helps with mood and sleep. Men need about 400 mg a day and women need about 310 mg each day. A handful of pumpkin seeds has about 180 mg.

“A cup of spinach has about 80 mg. So, if you’re making a salad. Throw some pumpkin seeds on it with some spinach,” Derocha said of ways to increase magnesium daily.

To jumpstart a more nutritious lifestyle, Derocha says to search for micronutrients with cold pressed oils. They’re making a big splash in 2024. The cold press method preserves more nutrients and flavor.

Finally, connecting nutrition and environmental sustainability. Here we’re emphasizing the use of whole grains, nuts seeds and legumes. They’re packed with protein, full of fiber essential for digestive health and renewable, which is good for the environment.

It’s a common saying that eating healthy foods is more expensive.

But the USDA says that depends on how you measure the value of the food.

Less healthy food may be cheaper per calorie but offer far less in the nutrients your body needs to be healthy. And all those extra calories turn into extra pounds — and expense that can take a lifetime to pay off.

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