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ONLY a quarter of younger adults in Spain say they maintain a balanced diet including fruit and vegetables, according to a study by consulting firm Gfk for banana distributor, Platano de Canarias.

The results of the survey reveal that just 25.3% of adults under the age of 30 consider it necessary to embrace balanced eating habits.

That’s in contrast with 48.4% of those aged over 45 who do consider a healthy diet to be important to take care of themselves.

Although 38.7% of households with children consider that eating in a balanced way is important to take care of themselves, only 32.9% of them admit to actually doing it.

When asked about the World Health Organisation’s recommendation to eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables per person per day, the majority of households(87.6%) say they know about the guidance but 52.8% of them go through with it.

The survey’s findings are not a shock in a country where four out of 10 children are overweight- something that increases further in low-income households, where youngsters are twice as likely to develop obesity.

An added issue in the last couple of years has been food inflation, especially with prices of fresh products rising which has hit poorer families.

The study saws that 47.7% of families with children point to price as the main reason why they have not consumed more fresh fruit and vegetables in 2023, compared to 17.6% the previous year.

Consumers are spending more, but their shopping baskets contain fewer items.

Other findings include 37% saying that they did not eat more fruit and vegetables due to a lack of time, eating out or sheer laziness.

There was also a significant group- 23.2%- who said they did not like the taste of those foods which was a more relevant factor than the price.

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