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Ramadan 2024: Ramadan has begun in India from the 11th of March. Devotees around the world are busy preparing for the sacred Islamic month. With the transitioning season, it will be more challenging to maintain a healthy balance amid the intermittent fasting. While it can be a burdensome exercise to keep a track, some mindful eating habits can ensure a healthy Ramadan. If you are wondering how to do that, here is what you need to take care regarding your ‘Sehri’ meal while fasting.

1. Include Proteins in diet

Be it any meal, Proteins should always be included in the diet as they are building blocks of life. A balanced diet with necessary Proteins also helps in making you feel fuller for longer period. One must include foods rich in Proteins in their ‘Sehri’. Include egg, curd, paneer or lean meat to complete your Protein requirements.

2. Fibre rich foods go long way

Fibre rich foods play a crucial role in our digestion keeping our gut healthy. It also helps in controlling hunger. Dates, oats, whole grains, lentils, vegetables complete the fibre requirement in our diet.

3. Carbohydrates energy is a must

To keep up the energy levels, carbohydrates should also be part of your ‘Sehri’. Flatbreads, rice and potatoes help in fulfilling our Carbs need.

4. Hydrate and repeat

With the onset of summers, dehydration is one of the biggest challenges that you can face while fasting. Not only in Sehri, but also ensure to increase intake of water and healthy fluids in your ‘Iftaar’ meal.

5. Avoid doing this

Deep fried, salty and spicy foods must be avoided as they can cause over dehydration making you feel more thirsty. Consumption of sugar can also fluctuate your blood sugar levels, which is why sugary drinks should also be avoided. Fluids which contain caffeine can lead to dehydration, hence it should not be consumed while fasting.

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