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In an unprecedented move that promises to redefine the nutritional landscape of Pakistan, the Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) and the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) have unveiled the Pakistan Food System Dashboard (FSD) initiative. This groundbreaking project aims to elevate the country’s food-related policies through the strategic use of Diet Quality Questionnaires (DQQ), a brainchild of the Global Diet Quality Project (GDQP). As the nation stands on the cusp of a dietary revolution, key figures including Faiz Rasool, Dr. Ghulam Sadiq Afridi, and Captain (R) Muhammad Asif rally behind this initiative, marking a pivotal moment in Pakistan’s quest for improved nutrition and food security.


Empowering Stakeholders through Knowledge

In the heart of the initiative lies the orientation workshop, a platform meticulously crafted by PARC and GAIN to bring together national and provincial stakeholders. The workshop is designed to not only shed light on the FSD framework but also to emphasize the significance of DQQ in scrutinizing diet quality. Beyond its educational scope, the workshop aims to delve into the economic ramifications of fostering healthy diets, providing a holistic view of the initiative’s potential impact. This collaborative endeavor seeks to harness the collective expertise and enthusiasm of its participants, driving forward the mission to fortify Pakistan’s food systems.

Charting a Course for Dietary Excellence


At the core of the Pakistan Food System Dashboard initiative is the ambition to meticulously track and analyze dietary habits and trends across the nation. Leveraging the DQQ developed by the Global Diet Quality Project, this initiative is not just about gathering data; it’s about translating insights into actionable, evidence-based policies and interventions. The goal is ambitious yet clear: to confront and overcome the nutrition challenges that have long plagued Pakistan. Through comprehensive data collection and a steadfast commitment to improving diet quality, the initiative stands as a beacon of hope for a healthier, more nourished Pakistan.

Nurturing the Future of Food Security

The collaboration between PARC and GAIN, underpinned by the support of luminaries such as Faiz Rasool, Dr. Ghulam Sadiq Afridi, and Captain (R) Muhammad Asif, signifies more than just a partnership; it represents a unified stride towards achieving food security and nutrition goals across Pakistan. The orientation workshop is merely the starting point of a journey aimed at promoting the adoption of DQQs, enhancing food system sustainability, and ultimately, elevating the quality of diets nationwide. As stakeholders converge on this shared vision, the Pakistan Food System Dashboard initiative stands poised to usher in a new era of nutritional prosperity.

In a country where the battle for better nutrition and food security is ongoing, the launch of the Pakistan Food System Dashboard initiative marks a significant milestone. By empowering stakeholders with the tools and knowledge to assess and improve diet quality, and by committing to the formulation of evidence-based policies, Pakistan is charting a path towards a future where nutritious diets are not just an aspiration but a reality. As the initiative unfolds, the collective efforts of PARC, GAIN, and their partners promise to transform the nutritional landscape of Pakistan, ensuring that the quest for improved diet quality and food system sustainability is not just a goal, but a tangible achievement.

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