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SPARTANBURG — The Thai restaurant coming to Spartanburg’s Eastside may be new, but the couple running it is not.

Kimmy Oupathame and Bobby Phomsatry worked together at Bangkok Thai Cuisine, a Spartanburg Thai restaurant at Converse Plaza that closed in April 2023.

Now they are at the helm of Thai Basil, which is nestled in the recently renovated Webber Square strip mall on East Main Street. Its grand opening is April 5.

“I’m excited growing this with Bobby and making it as a family-owned business,” said Oupathame, who was a manager at Bangkok Thai Cuisine.

Working with Thai food is a family tradition for Oupathame. She grew up with her mother and sister making and selling Thai food. Thai Basil will be established in her late mother’s name.

She and Phomsatry have a son, and she looks forward to raising him with the Thai food and culture she grew up with as a kid.

“It’s important to keep the tradition going,” Oupathame said.

Thai Basil exterior

The exterior of Thai Basil on April 1. It is located at 2601 E. Main Street Unit 2 in Spartanburg.

Phomsatry, who was a chef at Bangkok Thai Cuisine for more than a decade, will work in the same role at Thai Basil.

“I love cooking, and I enjoy what I do,” Phomsatry said. “It’s perfect.”

The restaurant’s fresh ingredients set the restaurant apart from its competitors, said the two owners.

Phomsatry said his distributor delivers to the business twice a week, while most other restaurants only have one delivery a week.

“It’s all fresh,” Oupathame said. “The sauces are all homemade, it’s not preservative at all. Everything was made from scratch here.”

The process of opening the restaurant began last year and has experienced some delays, but Oupathame is confident about the business, which she called a huge leap of faith. She is excited about growing the business with her fiancée.

“He takes care of the back, and I’ll take care of the front,” she said. “It’s going to be a really good experience for both of us. We work together as a team, and then when we go home, it’s totally different.”

Thai Basil is located at 2601 E. Main St. Unit 2.

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