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Yes, it’s true: gastroenterologist Will Bulsiewicz, M.D. and his family love frozen fruit as much as you do, and we asked him all about it.

“My son loves a bowl of frozen fruit, and he’ll have it on a hot summer day or if it’s cooler outside, he’ll just microwave it a little bit just to get some of the ice off,” Bulsiewicz tells EatingWell. “He loves it, and he eats it like it’s a fresh bowl of fruit, but it’s frozen.”

While we know the doctor’s favorite frozen vegetables—and his favorite fruit for gut health—we had to know what his favorite frozen fruit that he recommends. Read on to find out his gut-healthy choice as well as recipes that you’ll want to try.

The #1 Frozen Fruit for Gut Health

His favorite fruit to eat fresh is raspberries, but what about frozen? Bulsiewicz has an answer.

“I’m a big fan of frozen berries,” the doctor says, but he gets more specific. “Blueberries, which I like to call bluebs—it’s just my cheeky way of referring to one of my favorite foods.”

Why does he love frozen blueberries so much? It’s actually a simple reason.

You still get the same nutrition from frozen blueberries as you find in fresh varieties, Bulsiewicz explains. Plus, he favors them frozen because “they’re a lot less expensive, and they’re great when you put them into a smoothie.”

Blueberries have a ton of nutritional properties, including fiber to aid in healthy digestion as well as polyphenols to help reduce inflammation. Plus, they’re great for your vision and skin health thanks to vitamins A and C.

Want to incorporate more blueberries into your eating pattern? Consider buying frozen blueberries or berry mix. As the doc states, they’re more affordable frozen, and they’re frozen at peak ripeness, so you won’t be lacking nutrients or flavor. Our nutrition editor Jessica Ball, M.S., RD uses frozen blueberries in recipes like our Breakfast Lemon-Blueberry Oatmeal Cakes and Blueberry-Banana Overnight Oats. Check out the complete list of the dietitian’s favorite recipes starring frozen berries.

Wishing you could just enjoy frozen blueberries as-is? Bulsiewicz also has a simple, recipe-free solution for you.

“Frozen berries like blueberries make for a great addition to a drink,” he suggests. “Why put ice cubes in when you could put something like that in and then eat it at the end?” We fully agree! 

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