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May 8, 2024 at 11:00 AM
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If you have a dog, you might have difficulty figuring out which dog food is the best for your pooch. If you feed your dog dry food, you’ll want to watch this video that Dr. Amir Anwary posted sharing the top 3 signs of a poor-quality dog food, and then go check to see what your dog food ingredients are.

Dr. Anwary posted the video on Tuesday, May 7th. He explains the importance of certain ingredients as well as ones to avoid and why. Listen in to see what 3 things you want to pay attention to when it comes to your dog’s food.

This is good to know! After Dr. Anwary’s video, of course I checked on my dog’s food and it’s actually a pretty good one considering the things the doc talked about. @Granny Black also appreciated the information, “Thank you for this information. I’ve wondered for years how to tell.” @jasmine.vink shared, “And yet the ‘vet recommended’ Royal Canine dry food diets for cats has maize as the first ingredient.” I don’t know if it’s different for cats, but several people asked him to discuss their food and he said he’d be doing it in the future.

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What Human Foods Can You Feed Your Dog

Commenter @Daisy Cakes shared, “I don’t feed my dog kibble at all, just cooked veggies, proteins like beef, chicken, fish, eggs/yoghurt and a few supplements.” It seems like a lot more people are doing this these days or making homemade dog food instead of buying processed dog food. One of the big reasons is because when you’re buying ingredients and putting it all together you know exactly what you’re giving your pooch, and you have complete control over what they’re eating. If your dog has specific dietary needs, allergies, or medical issues, making their own treats and meals ensures that your dog is getting what they need, and also is a surefire way to make sure they’re not eating anything that they can’t have.

I feed by dog dry food and also some wet food for dinner. I’ve been buying the wet food but since I make so much chicken for my family, I just started making a bit extra (with no seasonings on it) and feeding it to our dog. She also loves fresh veggies and fruits. All of these are healthy and acceptable to give to your dog. But be careful with how much fruit you’re giving your dog since many fruits are high in sugar. I’ve also considered adding some human foods to the top of the dry dog food just to mix things up for her. I could stop buying the wet food and save some money, but it’s nice to have on hand.

There are also foods you should never feed your dog. Onions, garlic, chocolate, alcohol, caffeine, grapes and raisins are some that you should avoid giving them at all costs as several of them are toxic. If you are unsure if your pup can have something or not, consult your vet. A quick call could save your dog’s health or even life!

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