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The ground pork and rice dish from Coco’s Cafe.

Coco’s Cafe

Austin’s Chinese scene might not be as robust as the city’s more well-known cuisines (hello, barbecue and tacos). Despite that, the regional cuisine has grown stronger in the past few years. It’s easy to find noodles, dumplings, mapo tofu, Americanized Chinese options, and go-to delivery spots.

Here are Eater’s top Chinese restaurant recommendations, highlighting the best of the best, covering all of Austin, spread out from far north to way south. Downtown modern Chinese hot spot Wu Chow, Sichuan delights from China’s Family Restaurant, Chinese barbecue with Din Ho and First Chinese, South Austin spicy savior Sichuan River, many dumplings and noodle slingers, and much more.

For related fare, check out Eater’s guide to the best versions of Chinese dishes in the city, dim sum, dumplings, and beef noodle soup, and for something hot, Austin’s spiciest dishes. For other nearby regional cuisines, scope out Eater’s guides to Southeast Asian, Thai, and South Asian food in Austin, as well as sushi.

This map was originally written by Frani Chung.

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