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When you’re trying to eat well, you want meals that deliver on protein and flavor, without too many extra calories. This collection of 20 satisfying high protein, low calorie meals offers at least 15g of protein per serving, and ranges between 500 to 600 calories. Bon appétit!

Sheet pan meals

Cheesy stuffed chicken breasts with roasted vegetables

Cheesy Stuffed Chicken Breasts with Roasted Vegetables

Courtesy Francesca Cocchi Zabloudil

Kevin Curry’s lighter spin on Chicken Parm is this cheesy stuffed chicken breasts with roasted vegetables. You still get the cheesy goodness and marinara sauce, but no heavy breading. And it delivers on protein with 35g per serving. 

Sheet pan honey jerk salmon

Sheet-Pan Honey Jerk Salmon

Courtesy Jocelyn Delk Adams

This sheet pan honey jerk salmon from Jocelyn Delk Adams brings the heat. A combo of habaneros, orange juice, honey and garlic make a flavorful sauce that gives the salmon a nice tangy punch. And the dish has a nice punch of protein too with 26g per serving. 

Herb-crusted white fish with asparagus and brussels sprouts

Herb-Crusted White Fish with Asparagus and Brussels Sprouts

Courtesy of Francesca Cocchi

This wonderful weeknight meal has a lot going on, but is still easy to execute on a busy day. Fresh cilantro and parsley, plus olives and ginger bring a whole lot of deliciousness to herb-crusted white fish with asparagus and brussels sprouts. You can use halibut or another white fish in this no fail dish with 30g of protein and plenty of fiber. 

Figgy sheet-pan chicken

Figgy Sheet Pan Chicken

Melissa Knific

Not only are chicken thighs flavorful, they’re also a great bargain. And they’re absolutely delicious in this figgy sheet-pan chicken, which also features broccolini and potatoes. I love that you get a substantial amount of fiber from the figs and veggies, while also racking up 22g of protein in each golden chicken thigh. 


Citrusy pork carnitas tacos

Citrusy Pork Carnitas Taco Bar

Alanna Hale

It doesn’t need to be Tuesday to make these citrusy pork carnitas tacos. You can set up a little bar with toppings to serve them, which is a great way to add some fun to a weeknight meal. And with 22g of protein from the carnitas, it’s satisfying too. 

Fish tacos with tomato-blueberry salsa

Fish Tacos with Tomato-Blueberry Salsa

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

I’m a California girl at heart and fish tacos always give me that West Coast vibe. Alajandra Ramos’ fish tacos with tomato-blueberry salsa are tasty and colorful and serve up 30g of protein per serving. 

Beer braised spicy beef tacos

Beer-Braised Spicy Beef Tacos


Smoky adobo sauce and Mexican beer lend tons of flavor to the meat in this beer braised spicy beef tacos recipe. Fold it up in a tortilla with red onion, cilantro and coleslaw for a meal with nearly 30g of protein.


Blackened shrimp burgers with lime tartar sauce

Blackened Shrimp Burgers with Lime Tartar Sauce

Riley Wofford

Never tried a shrimp burger? The smoky flavor in these blackened shrimp burgers with lime tartar sauce will have you hooked. They’re topped with a tangy tartar sauce, lettuce, tomato and avocado for a serious burger that’s low fat and has nearly 20g of protein. 

Joy Bauer’s Greek burgers with feta and roasted red pepper

Joy Bauer's Greek Burgers with Feta and Roasted Red Pepper

Joy Bauer

Ground turkey is a low fat, affordable option that can be seasoned any way you like it. Joy Bauer’s Greek burgers with feta and roasted red pepper deliver serious flavor, plus 24g of protein per burger.

Green goddess salmon burgers

Green Goddess Salmon Burgers

Melissa Knific

The bright, herbaceous flavors of Green Goddess dressing are a great way to punch up a weeknight meal. And we love that these green goddess salmon burgers deliver tons of protein too (about 30g) between the Greek yogurt and the fish. 

Protein style smash burger

Protein-Style Smash Burgers

Courtesy Elena Besser

With a crispy crust on the outside and onion and cheese cooked right in, this protein style smash burger is super craveable and brings 30g of protein. Opt for a lettuce wrap instead of a bun to keep the calories around 500. 

Main dish salads

Cobb salad with blue cheese dressing

Classic Cobb Salad with Blue Cheese Dressing

Courtesy Joy Bauer

Turkey bacon, a hard-boiled egg, chopped chicken and a yogurt-based dressing all add up to a delicious and protein-packed Cobb salad with blue cheese dressing. With about 30g of protein in this bowl, you’ll be satisfied well until dinner. 

Grilled chicken caesar salad

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad

Courtesy Joy Bauer

If you’re a fan of Caesar salad, you’ll love Joy Bauer’s grilled take on this classic. Her grilled chicken caesar salad has 26g of protein and lots of delicious crunch, giving you another great reason to fire up the grill. 

Niçoise grain bowl

Niçoise Grain Bowls

Frances Largeman-Roth

The briny flavor of capers and fresh tomatoes and green beans combine with tuna, olives and quinoa in my Niçoise grain bowl. The hard-boiled egg, tuna and quinoa combine for a savory Mediterranean favorite with 30g of protein. 

Cheeseburger salad

Cheeseburger Salad

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

When you’re in the mood for a burger, but want to make sure to get your greens too, this cheeseburger salad from Kevin Curry offers the best of both worlds. With crunch from the romaine lettuce, saltiness from chopped pickle, that certain “something” from the special sauce, and plenty of ground beef, this is one filling salad. 

Salmon salad with sugar snap peas, eggs and potatoes

Martha Stewart's Salmon Salad with Sugar Snap Peas, Eggs and Potatoes

Zach Pagano / TODAY

Martha does it again with her salmon salad with sugar snap peas, eggs and potatoes. Delivering 29g of protein in each serving, as well as an addictive Dijon dressing, this recipe is sure to find a spot in your rotation. 

Updated classics

Orange soy pork tenderloin with sautéed cabbage

Orange-Soy Pork Tenderloin with Sautéed Cabbage

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Pork tenderloin gets a flavorful update with a tangy glaze and a bed of veggies in this recipe for orange soy pork tenderloin with sautéed cabbage. And with 24g of protein and a serving of veggies, it’s nutritious too. It’s a smart weeknight option because the tenderloin cooks up quickly and any leftovers make a tasty sandwich the next day. 

Chive crusted salmon with peas, pickled fennel and crispy quinoa

Chive-Crusted Salmon with Peas, Pickled Fennel & Crispy Quinoa


Chef Curtis Stone always makes beautiful dishes and his chive crusted salmon with peas, pickled fennel and crispy quinoa does not disappoint. With a bright green pea puree and a lovely Dijon dressing, this is an elevated take on roasted salmon and offers up more than 35g of protein per serving. 

Turkey and black bean casserole

Turkey and Black Bean Casserole

Frances Largeman-Roth

If you think of a casserole as something heavy and boring — think again. My turkey and black bean casserole is a fun, family-friendly dish that is so easy. The toppings let you customize each serving, which also packs 20g of protein. 

Slow-cooker chicken and wild rice casserole

Slow-Cooker Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole

Casey Barber / TODAY

If you’re looking for cozy, you’ve come to the right place. While the flavors might remind you of something your grandma used to make, this slow-cooker chicken and wild rice casserole is decidedly much healthier. This set-it-and-forget-it dish can be made with either chicken breasts or thighs. Either way you’ll net at least 22g of protein.

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