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Garima Johar

Updated:Apr 09, 2024

For the nine-day festival, the devotees of Goddess Durga usually observe a fast. And this Navratri, why don’t you transition to a low-carb diet while fasting? Here are some healthy foods you can have while fasting, as suggested by a nutritionist.

Chaitra Navratri 2024: Nutritionist Suggests Low-Carb Dishes

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In this light, Slurrp interviewed Abhilasha Sharma, a nutritionist and a lifestyle coach, to share some low-carb diets. The expert says, “During fasts, people eat more fried food than ever. They feel that potato is the devil and they should avoid it altogether, but it’s actually the cooking method that causes the harm.” So, if you’re looking for healthy fasting options, here are some dishes shared by the nutritionist herself.

Curd-Based Dishes

Assorted Vegetables

Paneer Sabzi

Stuffed Mushroom

Another healthy option you can eat while fasting is stuffed mushrooms. Since mushrooms have high nutritional value, you can stuff them with a paste of assorted vegetables and then roast or grill them as per your preference and pair them with a bowl of raita.

Gheeya Curry

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Keeping yourself hydrated during fasts is extremely important, especially if you stick to eating only one meal. You can keep on having coolers like lemon water, jeera water, jaljeera, cucumber water, aam panna, etc. For more filling drinks, you can make a mango shake, banana shake, lassi, smoothies, thandai, and so on.

Chia Mango Pudding

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