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Actress Soniya Bansal, who was seen in Bigg Boss 17 opened up about how she manages her health and fitness. She says that while we may want to take care of our health, lots of times our schedules don’t allow us to. She adds that it’s very important to specially take out time to take care of ourselves.
“Many of us say health is our top priority, but sometimes our actions don’t match our words.I’ve noticed that a lot of people, myself included, struggle to stick to a workout routine, often because of our busy lifestyles, demanding jobs, and difficulty managing our time effectively. I think time management is important; knowing how and when to invest our time wisely, especially when it comes to taking care of our health, is important,” she says.
She adds that nothing should be done in extreme. “I’ve learned that moderation is key in everything we do, especially when it comes to dieting. So, here’s some advice I’d like to share with fellow health enthusiasts: It’s perfectly fine to indulge in a cheat meal once a week. There’s no strict rule saying we have to stick to our diet every single day. Don’t deprive yourself of the foods you crave either; allowing yourself to enjoy them in moderation can actually help maintain a healthy balance,” she says.
Talking about fitness and health tips, she says, “Fitness and health tips that I stick to religiously are that I make sure to work out in moderation, and I also take a day off from the gym each week to relax and recharge. Staying hydrated is a must for me; drinking plenty of water helps detoxify my body from the inside out and keeps my skin glowing. Additionally, I prioritise eating healthy foods and making sure to eat every two hours, to avoid feeling hungry and keep my energy levels up. It’s important never to let yourself starve.”
Meanwhile, she adds that ageing does not scare her at all. “It’s a fact that aging is inevitable, a universal truth we can’t escape. But I believe every phase of life has its own beauty. When we’re kids, we enjoy the innocence of childhood. As we grow into young adults and teenagers, experiencing puberty brings its own excitement. And when we enter old age, we’ve lived through all life’s experiences, finding a different kind of joy in our twilight years. I’m not afraid of getting older, and when it comes to health, I believe in eating well, taking care of myself, and staying happy. That’s the key to keeping everything alright, in my opinion,” she concluded.

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