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BENGALURU: With the mercury hitting high in the day, and rain clogging the roads in the evening, the weather in the city is posing a challenge for the delivery executives associated with food and restaurant aggregators. The delivery agents are facing the harsh consequences of delivering food on time, which is also affecting their salaries.

A delivery executive explained TNIE, “Each restaurant provides a maximum pickup window of 20 minutes, during which we must collect the order and update its status. However, due to roadblocks or diverted traffic, we often fail to reach the restaurant within this time frame. As a result, the support executive reassigns the order to a new partner which impacts our income.”

Siddesh, a delivery executive said, “Our daily earnings range from Rs 1,200 to 1,500, with each delivery requiring us to travel at least 5-8 kilometers, and sometimes more. Previously, we would wait outside popular restaurants to reduce pick-up times, but with growing competition among delivery partners, everyone aims to fulfill more orders to boost earnings, which heavily rely on ratings, tips, and distance travelled.

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