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Global Food Policy Report: Unhealthy Food Consumption On The Rise In India
Unhealthy Food Consumption On The Rise In India; 38 Per Cent Consume Junk Food: Report

The Global Food Policy Report recently found a significant rise in junk food and processed food consumption among Indians. Why is this alarming?

Indians are snacking more than eating healthy meals. According to the Global Food Policy Report of 2024 released by the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) on May 29, almost 38 percent of Indians are eating junk foods and processed foods instead of healthy meals. Among them, only 28 percent of them are eating healthy foods and 16.6 percent of the population are suffering from malnourishment. This report is alarming as it raises concerns regarding the eating habits of Indians today. Eating habits determine a persons health. If almost half the population begin indulging in foods that lack the required nutrition, the rate of diseases will also start to increase.

Global Food Policy Report, 2024

Recently, more and more people have started eating foods that are packaged, processed, high in sugar quantity and salt quantity, meat that is processed and not fresh and foods that can be instantly cooked instead of long hours of cooking. This means that the same people are not eating enough fresh vegetables, green foods, pulses, protein, fibre, fruits and other foods rich in micronutrients. Not eating healthy foods rich in healthy nutrients will eventually lead to diseases and malnutrition which is happening already. Because of the eating habits, 16.6 percent of the country’s population is suffering from malnutrition, says the Global Food Report.

As per the report only 28 percent of the entire country’s population is eating healthy and including all the five recommended food groups including vegetables, starchy staple food like rice, fruits, pulses, nuts or seeds and animal sources.

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Why Is This Dangerous For Health?

In order to maintain your health, nutrition and keep diseases at bay it is extremely essential that you follow the rule of eating from the five most recommended food groups which are: at least one animal product, one nut or seed, one vegetable, one starchy staple diet, and one fruit. This is the minimal amount of nutrition required daily to keep a person away from malnutrition. However, if the population begins to ignore these rules and self-replaces healthy diet with packaged foods and processed foods, your health will suffer a severe downfall. Here’s why:


  1. These foods are very high in sodium quantity which makes you prone to heart diseases, thyroid problems and hypertension.
  2. They are high in unhealthy oil, calories, trans fat and saturated fat which will increase your risk of obesity, heart diseases, diabetes, fatty liver disease, kidney problems.
  3. Packaged and processed foods contain artificial sugar, additives, preservatives, artificial colour and flavours which are almost toxic for your health. Moreover, high sugar consumption risks type-2 diabetes.
  4. They contain masalas and other ingredients which may also be cancerous if consumed in excess.

The study reports that the eating of habits of Indians have changed over the years because of the expenses that they require. It says that foods rich in micronutrients are expensive whereas foods that are fried, oily, packaged, processed and sugary are very cheap and available easily.

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