Healthy diet metrics: monitoring of healthy diets globally: a call to action – World Health Organization (WHO)

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Unhealthy diets are recognized globally as key contributors to morbidity and mortality. As food systems and diets evolve globally, the importance of monitoring what people eat has never been more critical. Yet, there is a lack of consensus on what constitutes healthy diets and how to measure them.

In collective recognition of this challenge, the Healthy Diets Monitoring Initiative (HDMI), a partnership among FAO, UNICEF and WHO was established in 2022 with the mission of enabling national and global decision-makers and stakeholders to monitor and achieve healthy diets for people and the planet.

We invite all national governments, United Nations agencies and international organizations, implementing partners, donors, civil society organizations, researchers and other key stakeholders (such as those concerned about climate change and food systems) to read our Call to Action and join the Healthy Diets Monitoring Initiative.

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