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Have you ever wondered what it takes to sculpt a body worthy of the Mr. Olympia stage? As many would know, it’s not just about hardcore exercises, but also about a tough diet. Phil Heath, the seven-time champion, recently spilled the beans on his diet during a captivating interview on the Happy Hour Podcast with Jack Mate and Alfie Indra. The hosts delved into the heart of the matter, quizzing Heath on his daily dietary regimen during his reign as the ultimate bodybuilding icon.

Heath’s revelations painted a vivid picture of the sheer enormity of his food intake. “It was between five to six pounds of protein a day,” he disclosed. This staggering amount translated into devouring three steaks or up to six chicken breasts daily. But that was just the beginning.

Following a diet becomes a job, says Heath


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In the video, Heath revealed that the breakfast alone was a feast, comprising two cups of egg whites, two whole eggs, and a hefty serving of oatmeal. The eating didn’t stop there. “You’re doing carbs with that as well,” Heath added, emphasizing the comprehensive nature of his nutrition plan. Calculating the calorie count of such a diet left many in disbelief. “We’re talking over 5,000 easily,” Heath exclaimed.

But this wasn’t your typical fast-food binge. Heath stressed the importance of consuming “real healthy food,” highlighting the disciplined approach required for success. Yet, behind the glamor of stage lights and championship titles lies a grueling reality. “It becomes a job,” Heath confessed. The sheer volume of food consumed day in and day out took its toll. Indeed, the journey to Mr. Olympia’s greatness is not for the faint-hearted.

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With over a thousand meals and countless intense workouts packed into a single prep, the dedication required is beyond comprehension. “If you don’t do it, it’s not going to go well for you,” Heath warned. As the interview progressed, the hosts also asked Heath about the quickest way to build six-pack abs.


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Phil Heath advocates a mindset change regarding food

In response to this query, the 43-year-old stressed the mental aspect, highlighting the importance of overcoming emotional ties to certain foods. “The quickest and easiest way is to change your mindset immediately towards food,” he asserted. He delved into the challenges of maintaining a strict diet, acknowledging the social pressures and misconceptions surrounding healthy eating. The journey towards a six-pack often entails sacrifices, with support from partners like Heath’s wife proving invaluable. “It’s always good to have a supporting partner,” he acknowledged.

Moreover, Heath advocated for self-awareness through journaling food and beverage consumption. “If you did that, you would know right away where you’re fuc**g up,” he quips. Despite the rigors of dieting, Heath acknowledges the occasional indulgence, “It’s easier to eat healthier… but you just have to know what moderation looks like,” he said, offering a practical approach to dietary choices.


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Just like the bodybuilding GOAT Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler, Phil Heath’s dietary revelations peel back the curtain on the extraordinary sacrifices and unwavering commitment demanded of those striving for bodybuilding glory.

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