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It’s no secret that Jennifer Aniston has a luminous radiance, sculpted physique, and well-toned figure that fans can’t get enough of. The Friends alum, 55, often shows off her workout routines, healthy meals, positive mindset and active moments in posts for her 45.2 million Instagram followers.

The Murder Mystery 2 actress has also just opened up about her balanced diet and favorite exercises in a new interview with People Magazine, revealing which high-protein foods she prioritizes for energy as well as the importance of giving herself “cheat” meals.



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Jennifer Aniston Gets Candid About Eating Healthy, Allowing ‘Cheat’ Meals And Creating Balance In Her Lifestyle At 55

Sitting down with the outlet, Aniston got candid about her diet and favorite foods. “My nutrition is very much the same. It’s usually a lot of high protein, vegetables, salads, soups and then everything I would possibly want on a weekend,” she said, adding: “I always give myself a cheat day.”

Regarding her “cheat” meals and snacks, the LolaVie mogul went on: “Well, it depends. I mean, dare I sound repetitive, but Mexican food is a real favorite of mine. It’s not even that much of a cheat, to be honest.” Aniston continued: “Or a cheeseburger or pizza or pasta — all that stuff.”

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Aniston also emphasized how vital tending to her mental health is, alongside a healthy diet. One of the Morning Show star’s self-care practices includes setting boundaries on her screen time and regulating the type of content she consumes, she explained.

“[It’s important to] turn off the screens. … Put your phone down and get outside. Surround yourself with friends and connect with people,” Aniston noted.

She continued: “Try to think about … what is possible, as opposed to the doom that the world tends to appear like these days. We just aren’t designed to take in that kind of information all day.”

The Emmy winner also said that she is “absolutely” a morning person in regards to working out. “I always feel like after a long day, the last thing I want to do is work out,” she shared.

“I admire those who really can come home from a day of work and get themselves into workout wear and into the gym at night,” Aniston added. “I find that it’s incredible, but I just can’t see myself doing that.”

When Aniston faces difficulty in going to the gym, she pointed out that she can put effort into silencing the negative thoughts that trouble her mind. “I say, ‘Just go. Do five minutes. Just move for at least five minutes,'” the Just Go With It alum said.  


Aniston added: “Then you find if you’ve gotten through the first 10 minutes of anything, you can probably do another 10 and then another 10, and then you just keep going.”

As the year progresses, Aniston will soon commemorate her one-year anniversary of joining forces with Pvolve, a fitness program that utilizes a combination of functional movements and resistance-based equipment to shape, fortify, and rejuvenate the physique through an assortment of on-demand, streaming, and in-person courses.

Regarding the trendy Pvolve workouts, Aniston told the publication: “It’s very accessible, and it’s not intimidating to people.” She added: “It is a workout I haven’t ever really tried before, and it is so doable.”

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