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Knorr US is partnering with The Food Trust for the third year running, matching donations to help ensure students learn to cook so they can enjoy healthy food for life. And we’ve teamed up with Boys & Girls Clubs of America to promote essential cooking skills to over 4.3 million young people during non-school hours.

Beyond the programmes that focus on the needs of specific populations, we also offer recipe websites and healthy eating campaigns that inspire everyone to eat better.

Inspiration often starts with a recipe

One way to encourage home cooking is through our on-pack and online recipe suggestions. Our Healthy Recipe Framework (PDF 1.28 MB) makes sure these are in line with our Highest Nutritional Standards (PDF 515.87 KB) and based on expert recommendations.

We update a bank of more than 100,000 delicious recipe ideas each year, including main courses, side dishes and desserts. For Ramadan, for example, Knorr in Turkey created 11 Nutritious Ramadan Plates, with nourishing recipe suggestions to help keep people feeling full and energised throughout their fasting days. All our recipes aim to inspire creative, tasty and nutritious cooking, and often include on-pack shopping lists and cooking tips.

Reclaiming kitchens

We’re helping people to ‘reclaim their kitchens’, making healthy meal planning simple, and shopping even easier. As well as our many brand websites that offer recipes, we also have 12 dedicated recipe websites, such as Recepedia, helping people to find recipes that meet their dietary preferences and needs, as well as low-cost, low-waste and batch-cooking recipes. While others help people to add more vegetables to their plates, cook with seasonal, fresh ingredients, and make life easier with handy meal planners.

In Canada, Meals That Matter is our personalised meal planning and grocery delivery tool. This includes 500+ chef-curated recipes from Knorr, Hellmann’s and many of our other brands. Recipes can be searched using filters to meet dietary and lifestyle needs, such as our better-for-you recipes.

And Knorr is helping people to enjoy more plants at mealtimes in three different ways: Plates – by inspiring chefs to cook using sustainable ingredients; Products – by offering tasty and convenient plant-based choices; and Platforms – by suggesting a Future 50 Foods twist to traditional dishes on our recipe sites.

Harnessing the power of our brands

Everyone can use a little help and inspiration to cook nutritiously and our brand power can play an important role. Studies have shown that health message campaigns should be relevant, exciting, simple, truthful, and original. And to really convey a message effectively, they should actively involve the target audience too. We follow these principles, and use the power of our brands to encourage people to eat more vegetables, try plant-based recipes and diversify their diets.

Healthy and sustainable diets with Knorr

Knorr is our biggest food brand. It’s at the forefront of our efforts, with its purpose of ‘reinventing food for humanity’: driving shifts towards more varied and plant-based diets that are better for the health of people and the planet. One of the ways we’re doing this is through Knorr’s Future 50 Foods, which we developed with WWF-UK.

The Future 50 Foods are ingredients that are good for us and the environment. These foods are helping people to discover new flavours and diversify their diets towards more sustainable alternatives.

So far, more than 1,000 recipes for Knorr Future 50 Foods have been developed by 200 Knorr chefs in 90 countries. The recipes feature on packs and Knorr websites, inspiring the millions of people who enjoy Knorr products each year to put better ingredients on their tables.

We’re also developing innovative partnerships to accelerate consumption of the Future 50. For example, with our Unilever Food Solutions business, we’re collaborating closely with international foodservices company Sodexo. Together, we’ve developed 40 recipes, bringing ingredients like amaranth seeds, ube (purple sweet potato) and maitake mushrooms into workplaces and organisations worldwide. We’ve introduced these recipes in more than 15 countries.

We also continue to work with partners, including Chefs’ Manifesto, WWF, Gro Intelligence, Food for Climate League, and others. Together, we’re reinventing food for humanity for the benefit of people and the planet.

We run campaigns and programmes across markets to inspire people to eat the Future 50 as part of everyday recipes. And we continue to harness the power of our brands on every continent, with the ambition of changing the way the world eats. Here are some of Knorr’s Eat for Good local campaigns.

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