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'So Relatable': Viral Video Shows Friends Discussing Healthy Diet While Eating Junk Food

Check out this funny video of friends discussing healthy diet. (Photo: Instagram/thecalmguyyy)

We all know about the benefits of eating a healthy diet and if you are interested in following celebrity fitness and diet, you will be updated about their ‘strict diet regimes’ and the food they eat, when they eat it and by how much quantity they eat. These topics are widely discussed by people, and so, two actors decided to make a hilarious video on it. Shared by Mandeep Sehrawat on his Instagram handle @thecalmguyyy, the hilarious video has clocked more than 4 million views. Instagram users are finding this reel “too relatable,” as reflected in the comments section.

In the clip, two friends can be seen discussing the diets of athletes based on various articles they read on the internet. They can be seen spilling ‘facts’ like “Ronaldo’s biological age” with utmost seriousness, over a plate of chowmein, patty, chutney, chips and soft drink.

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Ye sab hai bhai acha khaana khaane ki vjah se,” [Brother, this is all because of eating healthy food] one says while eating chowmein. While talking about the health benefits of drinking alkaline water, they drink a carbonated beverage and say, “Diet par dhyan dena chahiye” [One should pay attention to their diet]. They also talk about biotin deficiency while ordering chaap and momos.

Watch the full video here:

Here are some fun reactions to the viral video in the comments section:

Swiggy India wrote, “Badi badi baatein vadapav khaate.” A sarcastic comment read, “Ab banda acchi acchi batein bhi na kare??” [Now, can a person not even talk about nice things?”]

“Me with my friend,” one wrote, while another added, “Me watching this reel while eating a burger.” Many people tagged their friends, writing, “us bro us.”

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“Felt like I am the one discussing,” an Instagram user said, and another remarked, “Society summed up.”

A foodie-at-heart asked, “I could only concentrate on that delicious-looking chowmein… where is it from?”

Do you find this video relatable? Share with us in the comments section.

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