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Many of us fell in love with grocery delivery services during the pandemic. Yet even as life returned to normal, you may still enjoy having a week’s worth of food delivered directly to your door. Here, we review the best grocery delivery services that prioritize a seamless shopping experience, value, selection, and quality.

The 5 Best Grocery Delivery Services

In addition to convenience, grocery delivery services offer the opportunity to plan healthy meals in advance and resist impulse shopping, says Rachel Dyckman, a registered dietitian-nutritionist and the owner of Rachel Dyckman Nutrition in New York City.

“Shopping for groceries online is not only convenient, it can also help you stay focused and stick to your meal plan,” Dyckman says. “Sometimes wandering the grocery store aisles can lead to temptation and cause you to gravitate toward less healthful items.”

Dyckman says that impulse shopping is a common side effect of shopping for groceries on an empty stomach.

“When blood sugar is low, we’re less likely to make food choices that will best serve us and may end up selecting items that we typically wouldn’t eat,” she says.

While ordering groceries online can benefit busy families, Jackie Newgent, RDN, a Brooklyn, New York–based chef, a certified dietitian-nutritionist, and the author of The Plant-Based Diabetes Cookbook, says that some people — especially those shopping for one — may add more items than they need to reach a certain price level for free shipping.

“If you’re following a certain eating plan or use many of the same foods on repeat, typically you can easily add previously ordered items to your cart,” Newgent says. “This streamlining of your shopping saves time and can ultimately help you stick to your health-focused eating plan long term.”

With a growing number of grocery delivery services now available, it can be challenging to decide which one best fits your needs. Some charge membership fees, and others have a limited selection or only deliver to certain areas of the country.

To help you decide what delivery service best meets your needs, we reviewed five grocery delivery apps and websites using the following criteria:

Shopping Experience

  • Was it easy to use?
  • Was shopping fun and seamless, or did it require a lot of effort to place an order?

Customer Service

  • How was the quality of the items?
  • Was it affordable?
  • Was there a good selection?
  • Did the order arrive in good condition?

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