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Starting a new diet can seem daunting. The thought of not eating your favourite sugary foods and swapping them with healthier alternatives just to lose those extra kilos might feel like a lot. You may feel hungrier and experience cravings as your body adapts to a new calorie intake. At first, you might be motivated to start the new diet, but that urge fades quickly after a few days. Do you relate to this feeling? Have you ever tried to lose weight only to see your willpower fade away? Then this hilarious video is for you. Author and nutritionist Graeme Tomlinson (@thefitnesschef_) shared a relatable video on his Instagram handle where he dramatically shows how people usually react during the first week of starting a new diet.

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The hilarious video starts with Tomlinson staring blankly into the camera and preparing himself to eat a bowl full of salad. On Monday, he motivates himself to start a new diet and can be seen eating bits and pieces of salad while trying to smile. He wrote, “I’m going to do it this time.” On Tuesday, the nutritionist can be seen sipping on a tall glass of smoothie with a blank expression and wrote, “I hate this, but I am determined to lose weight fast.” On Wednesday, Tomlinson can be seen trying to enjoy a plate of chicken and broccoli, but only for a few seconds. Later, he stares blankly into the camera.

On Thursday, the nutritionist can be seen looking really sad with mascara smudged all over his face. At this point, he is just mindlessly eating the large bowl of salad in front of him. He wrote, “I guess this is what real discipline looks like.” On Friday, he can be seen crying in the corner of a room while staring at the same bowl of salad. But things change on Saturday when he completely disregards his diet and can be seen enjoying an assortment of junk food – from French fries to chocolate. He wrote, “I’ve given up.” This same feeling carries on to Sunday, where Tomlinson can be seen lying on a sofa and eating a whole chocolate cake by himself. “I’ve ruined my diet, so I may as well carry on. Because dieting isn’t for me and I don’t have enough willpower.”

On Monday, we can see Tomlinson getting “back on the wagon,” only to say, “I deserve this punishment.” But once his realization kicks in, he discards the bowl full of salad.

Watch the full video below:

Several internet users found the video hilarious and relatable.

One user wrote, “Everyone who’s trynna lose weight needs to see this.”

Another commented, “How do you know me so well!” A third user wrote, “It’s the blank facial expressions for me.”

A fourth person commented, “Why is this so accurate??”

However, after the video, Graeme Tomlinson also shared why people should avoid such restrictive diets. He said that if you follow a restrictive diet, you might eventually stop it because “you hate it so much,” and this can also ruin your relationship with food. Instead, he suggested:

  1. Include your favourite foods in your diet.

  2. Accept that weight loss takes time.

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